Lake Cleanup To Be Ordered In Syracuse

State regulators will require Honeywell International to conduct a $448 million cleanup of Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, one of the nation's most polluted bodies of water, according to people who have seen the plan, which is to be announced today. The plan, which will be open for public comment until March 1, 2005, requires Honeywell International to conduct extensive dredging of the lake bottom over the next seven years to remove much of the 165,000 pounds of mercury and other toxins that the state says have been dumped in the lake over the past decades. Honeywell is responsible for the cleanup because in 1999 it merged with Allied Chemical, which owned a plant that the state says dumped the toxins in the years before the plant closed in 1988. The state sued Allied Chemical in 1989 for polluting the lake.


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