City Sees Savings in a Partnership Built on Tons of Plastic and Metal

One of the toughest challenges with recycling has always been finding markets for the recycled goods, whose resale can then help defray the costs of the program. In announcing a 20-year recycling contract yesterday, the Bloomberg administration said it had solved that problem by encouraging a company to find those markets. The contract with the company, the Hugo Neu Corporation, based in Manhattan, will not only give New York City some of the revenue from the sale of recycled plastic, metal and glass but will also allow the recycling company to take in greater revenue if it finds lucrative markets for those products. ''The magic formula here is that as the market for recycling improves, the city wins, and as Hugo Neu's performance improves, the company wins,'' said Robert Lange, director of the waste prevention, reuse and recycling bureau in the Department of Sanitation. ''This is the genius of a true public-private partnership.''


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