20-Year Plan for City's Trash Entails $340 Million Renovation of 4 Marine Transfer Stations

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's plan to ship the bulk of the city's residential garbage by barge rather than by truck was met with praise yesterday from several environmentalists and elected officials, but some questioned whether it was the cheapest and most efficient approach to handling the city's waste. The mayor detailed a 20-year plan, under which the city would renovate four marine transfer stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens by the end of 2007 at an estimated cost of $340 million. The city would use these marine transfer stations and private rail transfer stations elsewhere in the city to put each borough's trash into containers before it is shipped to landfills or incinerators outside the state. By depending on barges and rail, the city would phase out a truck-based system in which most of the 50,000 tons of commercial and residential trash generated daily is driven out of state to dumps and incinerators.


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